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In 1890, Salzburg’s confectionary master Paul Fürst began a manual production of small marbles, covered in marchpane and dipped in smooth chocolate. This product soon gained massive popularity and became known as Mozartkugeln.



Toblerone chocolate, known for its triangle shape was invented in 1908 by the 24-year-old son of Jean Tobler, the founder of Fabrique de Chjocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie – Theodor Tobler with his cousin Emile Baumann. The shape represents tips of the Alps and became a symbol of Switzerland.


Côte d'Or

Cote d'Or chocolate (Golden Shore in french) was first manufactured in Belgium more than 100 years ago with the use of cacao beans from the Cote d'Or region. It is where the favorite belgium chocolate is made to this day, following the classic original recipes.Since 1937 the elephant sign is connected with a world renown product.



Villars brand has a tradition of more than a hundred years of manufacturing high quality Swiss chocolate. Since its creation in 1901, the brand is still at the top of the list and continuously expands its product portfolio. Quality and diversity of chocolate flavours holds Villars at the front of customer interest for a traditional and new flavours.



Libeert is a Belgian family business, established in 1923, which works only with belgian chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.Genuine experts in the production of tasteful hollow figurines, slabs of chocolate and pralines.

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HATEX s.r.o. company was created in 1994 and was the first company to introduce worldwide chocolate brands to czech customers.

The company gained stable position on the market as a sole importer and distributor with its diverse sortiment and professional approach to customers, shopkeepers and chain stores.

In 2008, the range selection has been expanded by high quality portuguese wine. Despite the continous growth of the clientele and increase in sales, the company still holds on to it’s traditional motto: "Our client, our master", which expresses the essential philosophy of our young and dynamic team – to build professional and long lasting business relationships.


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Sweet Story

Galerie Harfa

Českomoravská 2420/15a
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Sweet Story

Galerie Harfa

Českomoravská 2420/15a
Praha 9 - Libeň
190 93

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